Monday, August 1, 2011

'Early Bird Radiance' Carnations

My 'Early Bird Radiance' Carnations in May 2011, shortly after transplant.
I started with a 6" 'Early Bird Radiance' Carnation (Dianthus 'Early Bird Radiance' USPP) from Al's Garden Center.  This perennial has crimson red flowers and blooms from Spring to early summer (although mine is still blooming and it's now August, follow tips below).  It is compact, closer to a mini carnation, with greenish-blue foliage.

Growing Tips: Plant in full sun and water regularly.  Deadhead spent flowers for more blooms. In late July, trim back all stems from spent flowers, about 3" from the base of the plant for new blooms in August.

Perennial Tips: Trim back all stems from spent flowers, about 3" from the base of the plant at the end of the summer, cover with hazel nut shell mulch for the winter.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

'Purity' Candytuft

My 'Purity' Candytuft in June 2011.
I started with a 4" 'Purity' Candytuft 'Iberis sempervirens perennial from Al's Garden Center.  This plant has very soft white flowers that almost look bouncy and lively in the garden atop dark green foliage. This plant is compact and low-growing, ideal for rock gardens or ground cover.

Growing Tips: Plant in full sun or PM shade, water 2 - 3 times per week or until established.  Grows 7 - 9" tall.

Perennial Tips: Once flower petals fall off, you can trim off the flower heads in the early Summer.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wax Begonia 'Prelude White'

My Wax Begonia is July 2011.
Wax Begonia or 'Begonia semperflorens' has waxy looking, dark green leaves with white flowers, blooms all season. I started with a 4" starter from Al's Garden Center.  These annuals are perfect in summer planter boxes and window containers.

Growing Tips: Plant in sun or part sun, space 12" apart.  Grows 6 - 8" tall.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

'Rominette Pink' English Daisy

My English Daisies in June 2011
A flower that keeps on blooming, tons of blooms from Spring through early summer with a nice soft pink color.  Great for low gardens and rock gardens.

Growing Tips: Plant in a cool place with moist soil, in sun or shade. Grows about 5" tall, water weekly during dry spells.

Perennial Tips: Pinch off dead blooms to encourage new blooms. Plant in a cool place for the best rebloom next season.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mini "Mother's Day" Roses

These mini roses are lovely indoor rose plants, often blooming around Mother's Day.  They do best in a south facing window and bloom mini roses through July. (Above) My Orange Mini Roses shortly after Mother's Day 2011.

Growing Tips: Grow indoors, in a south facing window, allow soil to become dry between waterings.

Monday, May 16, 2011

'Otto Quast' ('Quasti') Spanish Lavender

I started with a 4" starter 'Otto Quast' ('Quasti') Spanish Lavender, Lavandula stoechas, from Al's Garden Center. This particular variety of Lavender has very distinctive large purple flowers and attracts butterflies. (above) My lavender in May 2011, about a month after planting.

Growing Tips: Spanish Lavender prefers full sun and well-drained soil. Grows to 24-26" high and is hardy in zones 7 - 9.  Excellent indoor houseplant for colder climates.

Perennial Tips: Mulch base of plant in winter with hazelnut shells.  This hardy plant will do fine in winter, even with mild snows, if desired, bring indoors over winter.

Rose Mega Splash Geranium

I started with a 3" Americana Rose Mega Splash Zonal Geranium 'Amri Pikegs' from Al's Garden Center. This is a great plant for summer long blooming of rose colored blooms with dark eyes. (above) My Geranium in May 2011 a couple days after transplanting.

Growing Tips: Zonal Geraniums prefer full sun and dry to normal watering. They are heat tolerant and produce dark green leaves.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Devon Cottage (TM) Rosie Cheeks

I started with a 8"Proven Selections Award Winning Devon Cottage (TM) Rosie Cheeks (Dianthus hybrid) carnation.  These carnations are perennials and come back the second year with twice as many blooms.  Blooms from spring to through summer. (above) My Rosie Cheeks in bloom in July.

Growing Tips: Rosie Cheeks prefer full to partial sun and grow 10" - 14" tall.  Water every other day or daily if weather is really hot. For best results, fertilize or feed every couple weeks.  Remove dead blooms to encourage new growth.

Perennial Tips: This is a perennial in zones 7 -11.  Before winter, remove all dead blooms and cover base of plant with hazelnut shells. 

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day Neutral Strawberry Tribute

I started with a 4" starter Tribute Strawberry from Al's Garden Center.  This particular variety fruits very sweet, large fruit. They are so naturally sweet, you can eat them right off the plant without sugar.  Most berries require lots of light over long days, Tributes set fruit without regard to the length of days and nights and continues fruit production from June until frost. (above) My Tribute Strawberries, about 2 days before it's first harvest.

Growing Tips: Tribute Strawberries prefer full sun and water as needed.  They should be planted 18" apart and grow 6" - 8" tall, they are great for pots.

Harvesting Tips: Harvest when the berries are a bright red all the way around.

Friday, July 2, 2010

'Americana Violet' Zonal Geranium

I started with a 6" 'Americana Violet' Zonal Geranium (Pelargonium x hortorum) from Al's Garden Center.  I planted it in full sun in a cedar planter box (above, in June 2010).  This annual produces very bold, fuschia colored flowers on top of dark green foliage that will bloom through Summer, great for containers or planters.

Growing Tips: Geraniums prefer full or partial sun and water 2 - 3 times per week until established.  They grow to about 10" - 12" tall and should be grown as an annual.